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How to deshed your Dachshund

It can be quite a shock when your new pup comes home and suddenly there is fur everywhere. It's a common misconception that short coated breeds will shed less, but that's often not the case!

Did you know that short coated Dachshunds actually shed year round? 

Whilst you can't stop your dachshund from shedding, you can certainly take steps to minimise how much of that fur makes its way onto your couch.

Serotoninkc Dachshund Shampoo and Conditioner

How often should I wash my Dachshund?

Whilst bathing is only required every few months, ensuring this is a deshedding wash is super helpful.

Our Dachshund Shampoo and Conditioner is specifically formulated to help gently release shedding fur during the washing process. 

Simply lather up with Dachshund Shampoo in a bath or shower. Remember to keep the water shallow for your short legged little friend. Give the fur a good rub and watch your dachshunds shedding coat fall in the bath or shower. 

Repeat this process with our Dachshund Conditioner to remove any further loose fur.  

Finally brush your dachshund as they dry, with leave in conditioner for best results in deshedding. This is the best opportunity to capture any remaining shedding fur. 

Serotoninkc Dachshund Shampoo Conditioner in Bath Tub

How often should I brush my Dachshund?

Brushing your Dachshund once or twice a week (or daily during shedding season) is super helpful for reducing fur throughout your home.

Not only does this remove any shedding fur, brushing also distributes your dachshunds natural oils down the follicles of the coat producing a healthy shine.

Brushing head to toe in the direction of the fur will produce the best results. Additionally, you can rub your dachshund over with a silk scarf after brushing for a super silky finish.   

Our preferred brush for short coated dachshunds is a bristle brush as this is super gentle on their skin.  

Tip: Brushing your dachshund with a wet coat helps maintain a super smooth silky coat. 

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Any other tips for deshedding my Dachshund?

Bonus: no special equipment is needed for grooming a sausage dog! Simply place your little friend in the shower or bath to wash. Also a simple table can help with brushing.

Our best tip would be that the best shine comes from the inside out. Feeding your dachshund with a high quality diet will do wonders. Omega oils from fresh fish or supplements will help support a healthy skin and coat, providing natural oils to help brush through the coat.

Get in touch if you have any other tips you think we've missed!