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Below are some of our most commonly asked questions.

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    Every shampoo and conditioner we craft is puppy safe!

    Our ranges are formulated to be ultra gentle for sensitive skin, this includes puppies from 12 weeks of age. Prior to 12 weeks of age, we recommend washing with water only.


    Great question! It's easy for us to say that our ranges are custom formulated for the unique needs of each dog breed but what does that actually mean? 

    During our research, we did more than deep dive into the differences between dog coats and skin complaints.

    We wanted to ensure we addressed lifestyle aspects such as typically indoor or outdoor dogs, high exercise breeds, and challenges with coat maintenance.

    For example, our Border Collie range is formulated for super soft medium-length double coats, typically enjoying high exercise outdoors, which may require assistance with de-matting their coat. 

    A contrasting example would be a short coated frenchie. Our French Bulldog shampoo and conditioner takes more consideration into ensuring no residue is left behind in facial folds with a more gentle lather.

    Our Breed Specific ranges are formulated with unique surfactant systems to work best for different coat types and lengths. Each range also includes specific ingredients carefully considered for the unique needs of the breed.


    This question is a little trickier to answer, as no Oodle is the same.

    Poodles have a fleece coat that sheds so little that any Poodle owner would insist that they do not shed at all! 

    As for Golden Retrievers, Cavaliers, Labradors and Maltese for example, they all shed their coat to some degree (some more than others!). 

    Once a Poodle is crossed with any other breed it is a roll of the dice whether you will have a shedding or non shedding oodle. 

    With this in mind, we produced a 'Cavoodle' range specifically for shedding Oodles. The range is developed to assist with maintaining shedding fur. 

    If your Oodle is non shedding, then we would recommend our Poodle range. 

    Of course, you are more than welcome to get in touch with any specific queries. 


    The best way to answer this question is to get in touch.

    Sharing a picture of your pooch is especially useful (and makes us smile).

    You can reach us via messenger (bottom right corner of your screen), email us or use the contact us form below with details about your dogs skin and coat .  

    Conditioner is more than just another product in your dogs collection.

    Whilst shampoo cleanses the coat, conditioner seals in moisture and natural oils.

    It also adds a protective layer between washes, makes grooming and brushing so much easier. It will even extend the duration of time required between washes.


    All orders are typically despatched the same day or the following business day.

    This is with the exception of public holidays.


    We try to keep shipping as simple as possible with a flat rate of $9.95 Australia Wide. We also offer free shipping with orders over $55.


    All our products are proudly Australian Made in Melbourne. 


    The simple answer is that detangling sprays and leave in conditioners will remain in contact with the skin after use. We're proud of the feedback that our ranges soothe sensitive skin and provide relief from itchy skin. As dogs cannot easily tell us whether something is irritating, we cater for the most sensitive dogs. Many colognes are available on the market, although these are not considered suitable for sensitive dog skin and so we do not manufacture them.


    We do not offer first time discount codes. In reality, other brands merely add that cost to the purchase price. We offer our best value pricing for all customers.



    If we haven't answered your question, get in touch through messenger, email us or send an enquiry using the form below:

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