SerotoninKC is an Australian family owned & operated business based in Melbourne, Victoria. All of our products are proudly Australian made.

Australian Made & Owned

Our founder, Roxxie Myers, a qualified Chemist, has over two decades of U.K., European & local Australian experience developing a vast range of innovative products including super sensitive baby formulations. Roxxie is an expert in her field and is recognised amongst her peers as one of the best.

Roxxie, her husband and their little baby have two beautiful companions - Karl & Charlie. They are both bouncy Boxers, full of life who provide hours (actually many years) of entertainment and love.



Serotonin is commonly known as the 'happiness' chemical. This was a natural choice of name with Roxxie's chemical background and the joy Karl & Charlie bring to their family. 

When asked just how much joy the two bouncy boxers have provided their family, the reply was emphatic, that the addition of Karl & Charlie had multiplied their happiness many times over! 


SerotoninKC = Happiness to the power of Karl & Charlie.



Our beautiful Boxer boy, Karl, is a sensitive little man and as a puppy Roxxie tried numerous ‘Sensitive’ and Medicated dog shampoos, however these always left Karl with itchy skin. Nothing seemed to work!

As Charlie grew, she developed sensitive skin from garden allergies. All of a sudden, the shampoos that were previously okay for her now caused itchy skin.

One day whilst pondering over the issue, Roxxie asked herself: "why can we find breed specific specialised dog food but nothing to wash them with?". Considering Boxers have a short smooth coat, prone to irritations, along with many other custom traits surely there was a solution.

Roxxie spent endless hours researching the differences in dog breeds from their fur type right through to their personality traits. All of which pointed in one direction, different dog breeds have different needs. 

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