We can't promise that our natural dog shampoo will suddenly get your dog excited about baths

[how is it that the same dog that sprints at cold, muddy puddles will turn their nose up at a bath of warm water?]

But what we can say is - it'll be their best wash yet.

Serototoninkc Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo Golden Retriever About Us Image

Our breed specific dog shampoo is designed to gently but effectively remove all traces of dirt, sweat and "oh dog, what did you roll in?", without irritating sensitive skin or leaving behind any nasties. 

We don't just get your dog clean, of course. 

Our conditioners and grooming sprays help to de-knot curly fleece, smooth fluffy fur and make long coats easier to care for. 


Scientifically formulated for very good dogs

Formulated by our in house chemist (and founder) using only the kindest ingredients for your dogs skin, to effectively clean and condition your dogs coat without additives that can dry out their skin and lead to skin irritation. 

More cuddles, guaranteed.


How Serotoninkc came about


Our experienced chemist, Roxxie Myers had spent years developing formulations for the (highly) specialised baby skincare industry. 

It was only after her own dogs developed sensitive skin and contact allergies that she realised the dog shampoo industry needed a shakeup. 

Just take a walk through your local dog park and you'll see a huge variation in dog coats, energy levels and grooming needs on display. 

Yet, standard dog shampoo doesn't really take into account these differences. 

Sure, you can find options for short, long and curly coat dogs.

But as Roxxie did her research, dog breed differences actually go deeper than skin deep. 

So she put on her lab coat and began to research *everything*.

The result: natural dog shampoo and conditioner, made using hypoallergenic ingredients and specifically tailored for the coat, skin and common care needs of individual dog breeds. 

What's in a name?

 Serotonin is commonly known as the 'happiness' chemical - a natural choice given Roxxie's chemical background. Multiply the joy Karl & Charlie bring to their family, and it's clear what you end up with. 

SerotoninKC = Happiness to the power of Karl & Charlie.



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