What's in a breed?

What's in a breed?

When Karl & Charlie were both little puppies, Karl had very sensitive skin. We tried everything from 'sensitive' & medicated shampoos, however they always left Karl with itchy skin. Nothing seemed to work!

To make matters worse, as Charlie grew a little older she developed allergies of her own, starting with a reaction to a garden plant which left Charlie with an itchiness which never seemed to go away.

This made us ask: Why other dog grooming products make our dogs so itchy...?

We believed that there had to be a better solution than permanently medicating our fur babies. We decided to use our previous experience in developing baby products, to develop something super gentle for our Karl & Charlie.

It turned out things were not going to be that simple, as the more research we conducted into what makes dogs different to humans - the more we found that different dog breeds have different grooming needs.

It's easy to see that a little pug with such a squishy face has different grooming needs to a golden retriever with a thick double coat. Each breed has its own traits & needs, for example whippets are typically indoor dogs, with a short smooth coat, yet exercise with high intensity in short bursts. There was more than a few things to think about!

We considered a variety of factors: from a quick rinsing base for shorter coats, to a deeper cleansing base for double coats. We researched the absorption of our organic oils into the skin & coat, as well as the benefits they provide, such as coat enriching properties. We achieved this by utilising high quality ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Hydrolysed Wheat, Provitamin B5 & Vitamin E to cleanse & protect. 

Our first products were based around everything we knew about Karl & Charlie. They were customised specifically for their needs. Our Boxer Shampoo, for example, is developed to be quick rinsing, ensuring no suds trap under the short smooth coat. We developed our range to be super gentle & natural: all the good stuff, no nasties!

Whilst our initial range started with Karl & Charlie, we took everything we learnt about what makes each breed unique to cater for everyone's furry friend. 

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