Who's KC?

Who's KC?

Serotoninkc Karl & Charlie

The motivation behind the brand, Karl & Charlie, are beautiful Boxer dogs prone to a range of skin irritations.

When Karl was a puppy, a wide range of ‘Sensitive’ and Medicated dog shampoos were tried, however they always left Karl with itchy skin. After trying so many different products, nothing seemed to work!

Charlie was around three years old when she suddenly developed red patches across her chest (from a garden allergy). Even after swiftly identifying the plant and receiving veterinary medications, Charlie started losing her fur from the scratching. Again, many products were tried. Even worse Charlie now has a super sensitive belly and learnt to dislike bath time.

One day whilst pondering over the issue, we asked why we could find breed specific dog food but nothing gentle to wash them with?

Considering Boxers have a smooth coat, prone to irritations, we developed a formula that is specific to their needs.

Now we have two very happy dogs!  

SerotoninKC = Happiness to the Power of Karl & Charlie.


Upon seeing the success of Karl & Charlies very own products, it was not long until work got out!

Soon Roxxie was receiving requests to make unique products for other furry friends, from a scratchy Chihuahua to a tangled Poodle... the range of unique formulas kept growing!

Short Smooth Coat?

Long Tangled Curls?

Super Thick Double Coat?

One thing stayed true for all Roxxie's formulas -  to be ultra gentle and natural. Each range was developed to be hypoallergenic, custom to the unique needs of each breed.



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