Made to Soothe Itchy Dogs

Do you have an itchy dog?

Serotoninkc Sensitive Skin Itchy Dog Shampoo Conditioner

It can be so hard to find something that actually works for your dogs itchy skin.

The constant licking can drive you crazy!

We all want to find something that helps, but what do you do when you've tried seemingly everything?

We've been there ourselves - that's why our founder created her own range of skin soothing products. 

Tired of prescriptions that don't work, medicated shampoos that leave the skin dehydrated, dry and irritated - our natural hypoallergenic dog shampoos are for you.  

Every single Breed Specific range is developed with sensitive skin top of mind!

Our shampoos are formulated from pure organic Aloe Vera grown in Queensland to soothe dry irritated skin. It's an absolute wonder! 

Each Breed Specific range is custom formulated for a number of factors, such as coat type, length, shedding cycles etc - to give the perfect wash for your dog - every time.

We pack every bottle with goodies to soothe sensitive skin and rehydrate dry irritated skin and coats

We know we can't solve every single issue causing your dogs itchy skin (especially if it's dietary related), but we can soothe the irritation whilst you investigate the root cause. 

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For the most sensitive pooches, check out our Nude Ultra Sensitive Fragrance Free ranges. 

Featured Ranges for Itchy Skin:

 Serotoninkc White Coat Dog Shampoo Bundle Pack Sensitive Skin Serotoninkc French Bulldog Dog Shampoo Bundle Pack Sensitive Skin